Dippie Races

A glimpse into the future of NFT’s, Discord and Play-To-Earn gaming.

  • ClientDippies
  • StudioVirtual

A Web3 game with play-to-earn services for a hippies-inspired NFT collection. Dippies successfully demonstrated how to integrate Discord, NFTs and crypto wallets into a Web3 community.

The Brief

Provide more value to NFT collections by introducing live service elements like play-to-earn into the Dippies Web3 community.

Our Response

Our Virtual studio created a unique user interface using Discord’s API to allow community management and player login. As well as designing a limited window leaderboard to promote competition for Dippies’ giveaways.


Dippie Races showcases what a Web3 game can be—adding a genuine utility to an NFT collection with integration into community tools like Discord and blockchain technology like crypto wallets. Providing a glimpse into the future of Play-To-Earn gaming. 

Dippies Races requires players to own the Dippies NFT collection to play. Each NFT or combination of NFTs provides players with additional attempts at playing for NFT giveaways.

Our Virtual studio designed a custom backend for Dippies to create limited-time giveaways. During the competition window, the players with the top score win either an NFT from the Dippies collection or a promotional item. 

To prevent one person from holding the champion title permanently, leaderboards reset after Dippies giveaways. Cybersecurity has also been implemented to prevent service disruption from outside sources.

Dippies is an example of how to build and foster an ever-growing community between NFT creators and their fans, using open resources like Discord’s API while also demonstrating the utility of a specific NFT collection beyond its initial value.

With the integration of Discord API, which enables players to manage their community and distribute giveaway earnings to race winners. Dippies provides an example of how to build and foster an ever-growing community of gamers in Web-3.

Dippy Races, partnered with Snoop Dogg, Champ Medici, and Steve Aoki, and achieved 11k+ NFT sales.

— Yahoo

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