Mars Wrigley Seasonal Campaigns

How we used Alexa to drive purchases of M&M’s for the Halloween & Xmas period.

  • ClientMars Wrigley
  • StudioAI Experience
  • LocationNew York

The AI Experience studio created seasonal campaigns that included Halloween and Xmas in 2021 and 2022 for our partners at Mars Wrigley. These seasonal campaigns drove product purchases via Conversational AI systems, including voice-activated ad promotions and the design, build, and launch of an Alexa skill with recommendations from the Red and Yellow M&M for a family-friendly seasonal movie and M&M’S product pairing, purchasable within the skill. 

The Brief

To create a research-backed, multi-touchpoint Halloween campaign to drive purchases of Mars Wrigley products via Conversational AI.

Our Response

Halloween and Xmas are big seasons for candy, but many families are too busy to plan ahead for seasonal fun like parties, movie nights, and trick-or-treating. Skilled creative Leveraged the hands-free convenience of voice purchasing to promote Mars Wrigley brands. This campaign solved consumer pain points with simple activations that made celebrating the holidays more fun and convenient while driving purchases.

The classic pairing of M&M’S and movies was a key part of Mars Wrigley’s Halloween campaign. To find ways for voice to support this, we conducted a survey of families, finding that the most significant barriers to Halloween movie night were picking a movie and having the right snacks.

The M&M’S Movie Night Alexa skill was built to solve these pain points with curated movie recommendations and M&M’S pairings from the Red and Yellow M&M’S, which customers could purchase via the skill to be delivered right to their door. For families looking to stock up for Halloween parties and trick-or-treaters, the voice-activated ad campaign promoted a simple phrase to buy Snickers hands-free.

The campaign promoting the phrase “Alexa, buy Snickers Halloween!” was successful due to its focus on the strengths of the brand, as well as providing entertainment and convenience to customers. This resulted in a $6.14 Total ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and $215,935.74 in total ad-attributed sales, with 57% of purchases being NTB (New to Brand) on Amazon. Additionally, the campaign generated 5,618 branded searches on Amazon post-ad exposure.


In another campaign, M&M’S created a movie night Alexa skill that saw users engaging with an average of 2.9 products per session. The campaign also had a 53% conversion rate for users to purchase products via Alexa shopping actions, and 26% of users responded positively to text messages.

This Alexa skill, Helps families pick the right movie and snack combination, including an option to buy online.


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