Rugged Revenants

A Web3 game where 5000+ NFT characters were turned into unique, playable pixel art characters.

  • Client 1Kin
  • StudioVirtual

Rugged Revenants is a Web3 game where proven ownership of a participating NFT collection would unlock a playable character with unique attacks and appearances based on the NFT’s attributes. Players could then play through 9 levels of a tower-fall-inspired game with pixel enemies and bosses based on NFT partners to win a special token or NFT throughout their game progress.

The Brief

Create an innovative Web3 space by demonstrating the utility of specific NFT collections.

Our response

The Virtual studio increased the value of this platform by wrapping participating NFT collections in a fun, challenging, tower-fall-inspired game with quirky playable characters.

Rugged Revenants was a great showcase of what a Web3 game can be, but it was also a chance to showcase our ability to release quality content rapidly as a live service. 

Rugged appears to be a simple pixel art game at a glance, but under the hood, it’s a powerful play-to-earn experience with thousands of unique characters tied to users’ blockchain data.

Rugged Revenants pushed our creative limits by converting over 5,582 NFTs into 1-to-1 unique playable pixel art characters. Along with nine playable levels inspired by the popular game tower-fall, including fully animated pixel enemies and bosses inspired by NFT partners.

The game employs cybersecurity precautions to guarantee a protected gaming experience while utilizing players’ crypto-wallets for authentication of participating NFT collections’ ownership.

For those without any NFTs, Rugged Revenants provides free-to-play characters, ensuring accessibility for a broad audience. Players have the chance to earn tokens or NFTs as they advance through the levels, introducing a play-to-earn component to the game.

Rugged Revenants serves as an exemplary model of how game developers can integrate NFTs into their creations to nurture an expanding community of enthusiasts and artists. By enabling players to access exclusive in-game characters and skills based on their NFT holdings, the game reveals the potential of NFTs to offer more than just financial value, adding a novel dimension of utility and engagement for collectors.

A Web3 game where 5000+ NFT characters were turned into unique, playable pixel art characters.

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