Multidimensional Healthcare: The Future of Patient Experience

by Journey June 20 2024

The hospital of the future is now in your pocket. A healthcare facility can show up anywhere in your world. It’s not just brick and mortar anymore. Hospitals will need to up their game, as they’re losing ground to care anywhere.”

– Lionel Ohayon, Journey. 

How are top hospital systems future-proofing their investments in patient and staff experience in this competitive healthcare landscape? 

Journey’s latest report is our vision for how ambulatory and cancer care services must evolve into multidimensional facilities that connect physical, digital, and immersive technologies into seamless patient experiences.

Early multidimensional care prototypes are already exceeding expectations for health brands and delivering peerless personalized care into patients’ lives 24/7, no matter where they are. 

Our groundbreaking report is the result of 22 in-depth interviews with patient experience experts, including leaders in top hospital systems and designers of novel care facilities and digital services. The consensus was clear: health systems of the future will be redesigned with seamless patient experience and flexibility at their core.

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