We build real products, with real technologies, to create meaningful experiences for real people - in whichever reality they choose.


What we create

As emerging technologies enable new touchpoints in the customer journey, and business models adapt, one fundamental still applies.

Nothing engages attention like outstanding experiences. So that’s what we create.

With the latest innovations in physical, digital and virtual worlds, the journey into the futurescape is always extraordinary.

Realize your futurescape



The Future Customer Experience – Now

Two new immersive experiences our team created in Roblox with our client Walmart.

Nest Seekers
Nest Seekers


Multisensory Nightlife Memories

A unique, three-floor nightclub with a perfect blend of physical design, technology and cutting-edge sound.

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Nest Seekers


Voice Content Discovery Tool

Voice technology strategy and experience comes to life on one of the world’s leading streaming services.

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Nest Seekers


Location-based VR + AR

Experiments in augmenting visitor’s physical experiences with virtual technologies and content at NYC’s Hudson Yards.

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Nest Seekers


CPG Metaverse Strategy

Strategy for mixing responsible beauty with innovation to meet the next wave of consumer engagement.

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Nest Seekers


Airport Hospitality Experience

Blending technology with bold architecture and interior elements for a memorable traveler experience that reduces anxiety.

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Nest Seekers

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With our clients, we see their future and build it.

Journey is an innovation and design consultancy. It was conceived to help brands envision, plan, and effectively build the next generation of customer experiences enabled by emerging technologies. We take a panoramic view across the physical, digital and virtual landscape.

the physical

Creating the spaces and structures where the future of your business will get done by incorporating the most advanced technology through rigorously innovative design.

Creating the next world,
and the one after that

Applying your brand’s influence and value in the metaverse - ​​gaming platforms, NFTs, crypto and AR/VR technologies - to create new customer experiences.

Answering the
call for voice

Making your business fit for the future of consumer digital behavior with strategic deployments of the original and easiest user interface - voice.

Client Highlights


Always looking forward and knowing what's ahead

Journey brings together leading experts with proven track records in innovation and creating. Our founders share a curiosity about what’s next, love for the creative process and a commitment to authenticity. Our people share a seeking, building, joyful ethos, attracting the best in creating new worlds. We are proud of our clients, the leading brands in their respective industries, who share our spirit of exploration in discovering their futurescapes today.

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