The Dome on Sun Princess

Explore a world-first multidimensional venue aboard the Largest Princess Cruise ship ever.

  • ClientPrincess Cruises
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  • LocationOpen Seas

Journey designed a world-first multidimensional concert venue, ‘The Dome’, aboard the Sun Princess, the largest vessel in the Princess Cruises fleet. 

The 9,494 sq ft deck is one of the iconic architectural features onboard the Sun Princess and is also the first true glass-enclosed dome ever constructed on a cruise ship. 

This transformative geodesic venue is multilevel and multipurpose: It has a pool lit by sunlight and a stage for immersive shows by starlight. It also showcases expansive ocean views, encouraging guests to look out at the beautiful vistas along their journey.

Commissioned in 2018 and launched in 2024, the 175,500-ton, 4,300-guest Sun Princess is the next generation of luxury cruise ships and offers an array of exciting new entertainment offerings.

The Brief

Create a multidimensional entertainment experience aboard the Sun Princess while captivating loyal guests who have been sailing for decades.

Our Response

Journey designed The Dome, a jewel in the crown of the Sun Princess. 

Our mission was twofold: to create a versatile venue that would push the envelope of entertainment at sea while retaining grounded designs that would appeal to guests with a range of needs.  

Guests unwind poolside daily and enjoy immersive shows by Cirque Éloize in the evening, all while experiencing near-panoramic views of their voyage. 

To fulfill both of these roles, we created a truly adaptive space. 

The Dome was designed with breezy, clean, and organic tones—bright whites, linen upholstery, and wood elements. 

The aptly named “Cascade Bar” features a waterfall and provides custom cocktails all day and pre-show. A central focal point in the space is a “tree” that hosts theatrical lights and a sound system.

At night, the pool becomes a stage, and the Dome completely transforms into an entertainment venue with a South Beach vibe, lighting effects, and sound installations that adjust to suit the performance.

A motorized hydraulic stage system seamlessly transitions the pool into a performance area. Journey, Princess, and TAIT Towers achieved this solution: The Moveable Stage, which ensures functionality and aesthetic congruency between day and night use within the limited floor plan. 

The daytime sunlounger seating converts into two standard seats for evening performances, doubling the capacity. 

The tiers are designed to create circulation space around the stage and ensure every guest has the best view possible.


To ensure accessibility we integrated ramps and staircases connecting each seating level to the stage, as well as a wheelchair lift so that all audiences could enjoy the show.

Journey’s visionary design not only meets the evolving demands of modern travelers but also sets a new benchmark in cruise ship entertainment.

We’ve created a floating microcosm of experiences that cater to the whims and fancies of The Sun Princess’s global clientele.

The Dome is a transformational space that creates a stunning vista with sweeping views of the ocean and creates an unprecedented setting to stage avant-garde spectaculars that will absolutely fascinate our guests.

– Francois Leroux, Princess Cruises SVP, Creative Design and Entertainment.

— The Dome on Sun Princess

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