The Journey Story

Journey is a global innovation and design studio that pioneers groundbreaking, next-gen customer experiences. Founded in 2022, but encompassing over 50 collective years of practice, Journey enables a deep ocean of cross-disciplinary talent to harness emerging technologies and create the future of customer experience. 

Journey brings together leading experts with proven track records in innovation and creating. Our founders share a curiosity about what’s next, love for the creative process and a commitment to authenticity. Our people share a seeking, building, joyful ethos, attracting the best in creating new worlds. We are proud of our clients, the leading brands in their respective industries, who share our spirit of exploration in discovering their futurescapes today.

Our Team

Journey is home to a broad range of capabilities across strategy, CX, digital media, spatial design, AI, gaming, and virtual worlds. With over 200 passionate designers, world builders, and futurists spanning six physical locations, we leverage our diverse expertise to deliver results for clients globally. 


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