Journey is the agency of the futurescape.

Journey is the agency of the futurescape.

An innovation and design consultancy built to help brands envision, plan, and effectively build the next generation of customer experiences.


Although Journey, the company, is new, the teams are not – several award-winning firms have combined to create Journey and form its singular approach to innovation across physical, digital and virtual.

ICRAVE + Futures Intelligence Group + Skilled Creative =s

Journey was born in 2022 from the integration of ICRAVE founded by Lionel Ohoyan, Futures Intelligence Group pioneered by Cathy Hackl, and Skilled Creative led by Brandon Kaplan. Backed by Growth Catalyst Partners, Journey is propelled by CEO Andrew Zimmerman, former CEO of frog Design, the iconic innovation and design firm, and, previously a co-founder of Accenture Interactive and Mobility. He was also a managing director at idealab during the dotcom period. In addition to Andy, frog design alumni from business development, digital design and operations have joined the Journey team.

Our Approach

We take a panoramic view across the physical, digital and virtual landscape providing strategic and creative services to support clients anticipating the next chapter in our customer’s journey. We call this the “futurescape,” the “space” in which we imagine the next chapter in the customer journey and then build it.


Reimagining the physical

Most industries are rethinking the role of physical space given technology innovation and insights drawn from the great pandemic. Thanks to ICRAVE, Journey is a leading strategy and design studio famous for its groundbreaking work in many sectors including travel, food and beverage, retail, entertainment and health care. Its signature projects combine brilliant physical design with new applications of technology to enhance the experience.


Connecting worlds through the latest digital technologies

As emergent channels begin to blend between physical and virtual engagements, there will need to be a ubiquitous UI to connect audiences. We imagine and build the most compelling branded experience with the latest in digital technologies. Conversational AI ironically has been the silent champion of innovation UI, and as Journey helps large organizations define their futurescape, voice’s presence will become louder and louder.


Creating the next world, and the one after that.

Withsss gaming as its parent and social as its sibling, virtual worlds are likely to become a significant touchpoint in many customer journeys. We guide, imagine and build these new worlds and experiences with our clients. Journey has strong relationships with all the gaming and metaverse platforms and technologies and can help clients navigate the sometimes confusing ecosystem of gaming platforms, NFTs, crypto and AR/VR technologies


A shared curiosity about what’s next


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