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God Mode: How to Make the AI Almighty Work for You

by Brandon Kaplan August 9 2023

In the vast cosmos of technology, a veritable Big Bang of Artificial Intelligence tools has emerged – ChatGPT, Midjourney, RunwayML, Google’s Bard, Whisper, and countless others. In this digital Eden, many of us are feeling overwhelmed with options. We may have a divine intervention on the horizon, to save us from this deluge. In the not so distant future, “God Mode” AI Agents will bring these siloed AI solutions together in one omnipotent force. We will all be walking around with an AI deity in our pockets, and your organization can leverage this emergence.

God Mode began where all good quests begin: in the gaming world.

Whether or not you’re a gamer, you’ve probably heard of a “cheat code.” In the gaming industry, these cheat codes are also known as unlocking God Mode. It’s a workaround within the game to have more control and power; to be better, faster, and in some cases invincible.

In the context of Generative AI, “God Mode” refers to the capabilities of God Mode AI Agents. Unlike traditional Generative AI, God Mode autonomously creates new prompts for itself to achieve outcomes based on your goals. In traditional Gen AI, you give a request and you’re given an answer, a piece of content, but nothing else. Ask, and you shall receive.

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