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Light is the most transformative tool we use in creating experiences.


We offer a full scope of lighting design services from Concept/Schematic Design through the construction phase and completion of the project:

  • Concept Lighting Presentations
  • Luminaire specifications
  • Lighting drawings
  • Lighting controls specifications and details
  • Lighting details in architectural and decorative applications
  • Lighting Mock-ups
  • Submittals & Shop drawing reviews
  • Aim & adjust services for control settings and aiming of fixtures on site
  • LEED and sustainability documentation for lighting related criteria

For more than 15 years, Journey Lighting has shone brightly as an award-winning lighting design studio, illuminating some of the biggest projects in the world.

Through close collaboration with interior designers and architects, we’ve cultivated a deep understanding of materials, finishes, and the intricate world of the built environment. This mastery sets us apart and allows us to deliver unparalleled results. 

From the earliest sparks of inspiration in the concept phase, to the grand opening, our team remains intricately engaged throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. Using the latest technologies and programs, we recognize that lighting is one of the most essential components of built-world design. We specialize in site-specific, customized solutions for clients from all industries, ranging from entertainment, to hospitality, to healthcare and more.


Guiding the way into unexplored realms of design, Journey Lighting embraced the challenge of crafting the interior lighting ambiance for Sphere. Upon crossing the threshold, a new world unfolds. The lighting undergoes a metamorphosis with each guest’s arrival, seamlessly intertwining with the Sphere experience. Design choices establish the ambiance, playing a pivotal role from the moment of entry, through atrium activation and showtime, to the transition back into the lively atmosphere of Las Vegas. The reflective black terrazzo flooring forms an imperceptible foundation, where the lighting is ingeniously designed to mirror, sculpting the canvas for the ‘future of entertainment.’


At 53, located next to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, art is an integral part of the dining experience.  The sunken double-height main dining room has been crafted to resemble a landscape diorama, which is visible from street level, showcasing a stunning aerial view and revealing a modern, vibrant room that is bustling during the day and glowing at night. Hidden accent lights have been artfully placed high up in the ceiling, illuminating the edges of the custom fin design, creating a beacon of landscape from the street. Minimal metallic pendants have been strategically positioned over the tables, providing human scale to the diners below. Warm, brushed lighting has been thoughtfully integrated throughout the space, adding depth and texture. A unique light art piece, centered on the bar, accentuates the ripple effect on the plaster wall beyond, creating an artistic backdrop to the main bar area.

21 West End Avenue

Tasked with re-imagining residential life on the Upper West Side, the interior design team created an intricate package of amenities and programs – from welcoming dining and gathering spaces with pop-up events, to on-site daycare and an indoor dog park, all located in the belly of the residential tower. The integrated lighting approach throughout ensures that the non-daylit spaces feel inviting and unique. Custom reading lights create a destination in the library, with the glowing wine room and fireplace as a backdrop. The main lobby showcases a custom 3D projection mapped sculpture with precisely lit surfaces surrounding it to not interfere with the visual. In the pool, large dome lights transition throughout the day bringing a connection to the outside while underground.

Leading The Helm

Leading The Helm

Journey Lighting is spearheaded by Brian Smith, a seasoned Lighting Director who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his craft.

Combining his passion for design and his technical expertise in engineering, Brian quickly established himself as a leader in the lighting industry. After long tenures at established firms such as HLB Lighting, ICRAVE Lighting, and most recently a Studio Leader at BOLD, he now serves as the director of Journey Lighting, a renowned lighting design consultancy housed within the physical studio of Journey.


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