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  • ClientSphere Entertainment Co.
  • StudioPhysical
  • LocationLas Vegas
  • CollaboratorsSphere Entertainment, Populous, ARUP, Holoplot, Seco, Severud Associates, ME Engineers, Sphere Studios.

Sphere is a first-of-its-kind venue for live and immersive shows that catapults the stadium experience into the future. Holding the record as the largest spherical structure in the world, Sphere, with its extraordinary outer skin covered in 580,000 square feet of programmable LED panels, will serve as a radical new entertainment venue and wholly new, multi-sensory platform for today’s artists and fans, accommodating up to 20,000 spectators for live shows. 

ICRAVE, a Journey company, was tasked with creating Sphere’s interior experience to match the spectacle of the outside.



The Brief

As a result of an international design competition, ICRAVE was commissioned by MSG to design the interiors and lighting for Sphere and create a visitor experience unlike any other.

Our Response

ICRAVE designed the experience, interiors and lighting within Sphere.

Tasked with designing an interior experience for Sphere that would match the size and magnitude of the exterior screen and performance bowl–the largest spherical structure in the world–ICRAVE brought an ethereal atmosphere to almost 400,000 SF; a cacophony of sweeping spaces that create an immersive world including entry bridges, the atrium, main concourse, diverse food and beverage venues, artistic galleries, private dressing rooms, an exclusive VIP club, luxury viewing suites, and more.

“The design of Sphere clearly delineates and accentuates the moment one leaves the default world and enters the venue.” – Lionel Ohayon, Founder & CEO, ICRAVE & Chief Creative Officer + Co-Founder, Journey. 

A Different Dimension

The atrium is draped in black terrazzo flooring, which creates an other-worldly atmosphere inside Sphere. By creating an invisible floor plane, where the lighting provides close to 100% reflectivity, visitors are moved from the outside world into a new dimension, while thresholds are presented as complete circles or ovals that one passes through, like entry portals.

With a sophisticated mix of lighting, soundscape, visuals, and tactile elements, Sphere’s ambiance creates a captivating experience for both audiences and artists like nowhere else in the world.

We needed the surrounding spaces to live up to the promise of what’s inside the bowl and to ensure guests feel a seamless connection to the venue before ever taking their seat for a show.

– Lionel Ohayon, Chief Creative Officer + Co-Founder, Journey. Founder & CEO, ICRAVE.

— The Sphere, Las Vegas

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