TSX Broadway

A new palace of possibility.

  • ClientTSX
  • StudioPhysical
  • LocationNew York

Opening in Times Square in 2024, TSX Broadway will be a one-of-a-kind, 46-story, multi-use building, bringing experiential retail, hospitality, integrated signage, and cutting-edge entertainment to the heart of New York City. Our physical studio teamed up with TSXE to redefine the future of entertainment through a next-generation platform existing in both the physical and virtual world to deliver fans immersive experiences through culture-defining, Web3 integration. 

Central to the new development will be TSX Entertainment (TSXE), an immersive entertainment platform existing in both the physical world – eight floors in the TSX Broadway complex – and the virtual world. TSXE is set to be the largest stage globally, with the power to connect artists and brands to more fans in real-time than ever before. 

Through its partnership with the design innovation firm, Journey’s Physical studio and strategic programming partner Roc Nation, TSXE will seamlessly connect both worlds to produce a range of experiences that will define pop culture and shape the future of entertainment.

The Brief

Create a one-of-a-kind immersive entertainment platform for TSX Broadway.

Our Response

Combining old-world grandeur with flashy and modern interiors – an aesthetic inherent to Times Square – Our Physical Studio is designing 12 physical spaces within the 550,000 square-foot tower, including the TSX stage, artist lofts, dressing rooms, retail spaces, VIP lounges, supper clubs, restaurant, and bar/lounge to name a few.

The physical version of TSXE will have a 4,000 square-foot indoor/outdoor performance stage that opens into Times Square, featuring theatrical lighting, a high-tech sound system, projection mapping, and the potential for volumetric camera capturing, allowing an artist to make the space their own for their live performance and give them the opportunity to content capture and broadcast. The stage is designed with seats for the audience to be up close with performers. 


Complementing the stage, there is an 18,000 square-foot wraparound LED screen, considered to be the largest public social feed, overlooking the corner of Seventh Avenue and West 47th Street in Times Square. Through the PixelStar app, anyone with a smartphone, anywhere on the globe, at any time of day can upload 15-second videos of customized content to display on the LED screen. Creators, fans, and others have the opportunity to reach as many as 400,000 daily visitors through the on-site screen and even more viewers globally through the TSXE app.

The retail experience in TSXE will span the second floor and is similar to that of a futuristic showroom where artists and brands can go to ‘drop’ their newest products and content, serving as a way for them to increase their exposure to consumers. Music artists will have the opportunity to take over this space for album launches, giving fans and consumers a unique opportunity to be thoroughly introduced to artists before purchasing albums. 

Through TSX’s partnership with us, the space will be designed to morph and evolve both in the digital and physical world and deliver an immersive range of experiences driven by artist expression. TSX Entertainment’s technology will empower the world’s most innovative artists and brands to reach and engage fans worldwide. 

Wrapped around the corner of TSX Broadway — this 46-story tower will revolutionize retail and entertainment in Times Square.

– Fast Company.

— TSX Broadway, New York 

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